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     In the event your lienholder requires you to obtain a letter of permission and show proof of insurance before crossing into Mexico, please let us know.

     Johnson's Mexico Insurance can prepare the insurance documents, fax the policy to your lienholder and hold the letter for you until your visit to Mexico.

    Below is a list of documents or information we will need to process the letter:
           - Title or Registration to Vehicle
           - Driver's License
           - Your telephone number 
           - Dates of Travel
           - Lienholder Account Number
           - Lienholder Fax and Telephone Number
           - Main Destination (City and State)
           - Any requirements of lienholder
This can be faxed to us at (956) 791-4949 or (956) 722-0575.  You can also scan and email us at inquiries@johnsonsmexicoinsurance.com.